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About Us

In May of 1995, nestled in the woods of Northwest Wisconsin, the family-run company of Infratherm Products, Inc., was established.  The Scharf family had a mission to offer a safe alternative to the dangers of a heat lamp when warming animals and pets, in which the Sweeter Heater was developed.  Sweeter Heater, a product of Infratherm Products, Inc., has proven to be an effective heat source for many different applications over the years.

Its start focused on heating farrowing pigs safely and blossomed into many other useful applications, including: brooders, chicken coops, dog houses & crates, hen houses, kennel runs, whelping boxes, reptile cages, aviaries, and farrowing pens among many other uses.

The science behind the Sweeter Heater is based on the principle of infrared radiant heat.  The goal is to heat the animal, not the environment.  The Sweeter Heater’s infrared rays are spread over the entire surface area of the panel and are evenly projected straight down, with no hot or cold spots in the pattern.

We, at Infratherm, strive to meet and exceed your expectations with our attention to detail and customer service.  We want you to succeed with our products!

Infratherm and Sweeter Heater are trademarks of Infratherm Products, Inc.  Made in the USA!


Holly Scharf


Phone: 715-651-9757

Hours: M-F 9-5

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