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WARRANTY: The Sweeter Heater units have a three year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Power cords are not included in this warranty. Damage from mishandling, abuse or animal damage will void the warranty. In the unlikely event your heater fails to heat, it can be returned for evaluation in cleaned condition to the manufacturer.  Please call or email for prior authorization.

The date of shipment from the factory is used to determine warranty period if claims are not accompanied by proof of purchase.  Infratherm Products, Inc., is not liable for loss or damage resulting from alterations, misuse or abuse of products. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the product and excludes consequential and special damages. For requested returns, a refund of less $25 restocking fee will be issued, if the heater(s) is returned in the condition it was shipped. No returns of unopened/unused heaters after 30 days.



Small screws, shelf brackets, S-hooks, and chains PRESENT HAZARDS TO SMALL CHILDREN

As with any electric heating device, special precautions must be taken:

1. Insure that the heat surface is open to air and that the heat is allowed to escape & circulate.

2. Allow a minimum of 6 inches of air space between the ground surface, bedding, straw hay or any combustible materials.

3. Take special precautions to insure that the unit cannot be allowed to fall with its heating surface enclosed. Severe overheating may occur which could result in combustion.


All of the materials we use in the Sweeter Heater are completely safe.  The lens material is common fiberglass fire rated sheeting used in homes and the food industry. The shell is ABS styrene material (think refrigerator linings, toys, and other molded products). The insulation is a noncombustible EcoTouch Insulation utility blanket. The ODOR that is noted on a new heater is from the escalated final drying of the lens material (fiberglass and adhesives) as the heat is applied. The odor is normal and will go away in a day or so as the new materials dry out. Very close examination of the lens sometimes reveals small hairline cracks that are created as the lens dries. This is also normal.

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